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Please take a few minutes of your time to read the F.A.Q. below, because, most likely, they will clarify any doubt you may have.
If there's anything else that you want to know and didn't saw answered on the F.A.Q., please don't hesitate to contact us.



How do I place my orders on your site?
The entire process is really fast and user-friendly:
Please select what products (videos or unedited shoots) or services (memberships) you want to order on our site and then just follow the easy instructions given and you'll be taken to the appropriate ON-LINE SECURE ORDER FORM.
There you'll introduce your personal data and your credit card data and then will transmit the order to us encrypted, so that your personal info is always protected against fraud.
The entire ON-LINE ORDER process is fully automatic and made on real time, so you'll immediately receive an order confirmation with the links to download the videos or unedited shoots that you bought or the access codes to the members area, if you bought a membership.

Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept the 2 major credit cards: VISA and MASTECARD. We made a study a few years ago that shows that more than 98% of our potential customers have credit cards of these two issuers, so we made a contract with these credit card issuers. These contracts are very expensive and the respective commissions are very high, so it's only worthwhile to make such contracts if one expects a reasonable amount of transactions with these credit cards.
That is why we don't have contracts with other issuers to accept other credit cards, like AMEX, DINNERS, JCB, etc. The expected number of transactions with those credit cards would not pay the contracts themselves!
Anyhow, if you don't have a VISA or a MASTERCARD, please note that you can place your orders OFF-LINE. See a point below specifically dedicated to OFF-LINE ORDERS.

Do you accept debit cards?
The possibility of using debit cards to do payments on the Internet depends on the Bank/Credit card issuer, so you need to confirm with your Bank/Credit card issuer if you can use your debit card to do on-line payments.
Generically speaking we can tell you that one of the most important aspects to respect is that the card authentication is not done automatically by pin.

Which is the credit card acquirer that will process my credit card transactions?
We, APL, are a producer based in Portugal and therefore all transactions made on your credit card will be processed by a Portuguese credit card acquirer called Redunicre.
On all our ORDER FORMS youíll find the red logotype that identifies Redunicre as our credit card acquirer. We would like to emphasize that Redunicre is the only Portuguese entity certified by VISA and MASTECARD to work as a credit card acquirer in Portugal.
We can tell that we work with Redunicre since 1998 and none of our thousands and thousands of customers ever had the slightest problem with any of their credit card transactions! We guess it says it all about the trust you can have in APL and in Redunicre, a credit card acquirer who has the highest reputation for security, honesty and reliability.
We also would like to emphasize that, to ensure the maximum security of your payment, all credit card transactions are not processed on our own site APL (on which you select the products/services that you want to purchase) but on Redunicreís site on which are implemented the most advanced security protocols for Internet sales in order to guarantee the total security of your payments.

Can you accept payments via PayPal?
Unfortunately we can't, because PayPal, in Portugal, doesnít accept to work with adult sites.

Can I trust in APL?
Yes, you certainly can! We have been in business since 1998 and our honesty and reliability are recognized worldwide by our customers, by the wrestlers who participate in our videos and by all other individuals/entities with whom we deal.
We've managed to achieve this status due to one simple factor: we never cheated nor lied to anyone. Lying and cheating is simply not the way we are neither in life nor in businesses! Naturally we also donít tolerate to be cheated!

Can I feel safe ordering from you?
Yes you certainly can, because our site offers you the latest technology in encrypted data. When you purchase a product or service ON-LINE in our site, you are using the latest secure server software (SSL 2048 bits technology) that will encrypt all the information that you will input, before that information is sent to us. We have been in business since 1998 and we never had any security problem with any order, so rest assured that you can order with confidence!

Do I have to be an adult to order from you?
Yes, you do. No matter what product or service you want to buy, you have to be an adult to order from us.
Our products and services are not porn, but anyhow they are not intended for minors. If you're not an adult, you shall not even enter our site, as explicitly stated on the disclaimer posted on the page guard that gives access to the Homepage, much less place any order.
Therefore if you decided to go beyond that page guard and, for majority of reason, if you decided to place an order, you are explicitly stating that you are of legal age. If youíre placing an order and youíre not an adult, you are incurring in a crime and youíll be punished for that.
We take this opportunity to address ourselves to parents: please install in your computers protective software that prevent minors from accessing our site. Obviously we canít stop your child to access our site from your own computers. It will have to be you who do it.

Besides being an adult, what else is required to order from APL?
You need to read the topic QUESTIONS ABOUT SALES CONDITIONS on this F.A.Q. section, because by placing ordering any order on APL, you are explicitly stating that you read, agreed and will comply with our Sales Conditions.
Please note that our Sales Conditions are perfectly visible, with links to them not only in all our ORDER FORMS but also in all pages of our site, on the right side menu, under the title OTHERS. Therefore if you decided to ignore our Sales Conditions, the responsibility is exclusively yours, and obviously you have to assume the consequences of your acts.

In which languages can I contact APL?
APLís official language is English, which is the only language used on our site. Therefore English is the language that you should use preferentially to contact us.
If you donít speak English at all, you can contact us in Spanish or in French because we speak a little of those two languages too, so weíll be able to reply back on those languages too. Anyhow please note that any automatic reply from us, like for instance the automatic e-mails that are sent out to confirm each order, to give you access codes, download codes, promote our videos, inform about promotions, etc, are always written in English only.
We donít speak any other languages except those 3 mentioned above (English, French and Spanish), so please donít contact us in any other language like for instance German, Japanese, Italian, etc, because we will not be able to understand your e-mail nor to respond in any of those languages.

If there's anything else that you want to know and that you didn't saw answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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