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Please take a few minutes of your time to read the F.A.Q. below, because, most likely, they will clarify any doubt you may have.
If there's anything else that you want to know and didn't saw answered on the F.A.Q., please don't hesitate to contact us.



When did you start producing videos?
A long time ago, more exactly in the beginning of 1998! We are one of the oldest, most respected and (sorry for the immodesty!) most successful producers in the market! We are not good because weíre old: weíre old because weíre good!

How many videos have you produced during all these years?
We already produced and released around 1,250 videos during all these years consecutive activity as wrestling producers and this huge number of videos is always growing! Compare it with the number of videos of the big majority of other producers and see the difference!

Do you keep producing new videos frequently?
Yes we continue producing at fast pacing, releasing more than 100 new videos each year!!!

Which is the format of your videos?
All videos are on MP4 format, viewable on computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

How can I see all your videos already released?
Click here or click on the submenu ALL VIDEOS of the link ALL VIDEOS, available on the main menu of links, right below the header, in all pages of our site, including this one.

How can I see the latest matches that you filmed and that are not yet edited?
Click here or click on the menu UNEDITED SHOOTS, available on the main menu of links, right below the header, in all pages of our site, including this one.

How can I quickly find videos that fits into my tastes?
You have 3 methods at your disposal:
1) Click on the link ALL VIDEOS, available on the main menu of links, right below the header, in all pages of our site, including this one and then on the submenus that fits best into your personal tastes.
2) Click here to access the Homepage of our Public Area and the use the TAG for videos that will take you to pages with the bet videos related with those TAG.
3) Click here or click on the link SEARCH, available on main menu of links, right below the header, in all pages of our site, including this one. Youíll be taken to a page with the most advanced search functions you ever saw on a wrestling site!

How can I know what will be the next video to be released?
Click here to visit our daily newsletter and, at the bottom of it, you'll see plenty of info about our next video.

Whatís the cheaper method to see your videos?
Undoubtedly the cheaper method is to become our member. You'll find a wide variety of types of memberships at your disposal. Please note that our ALL INCLUSIVE RECURRING memberships include the download, FOR FREE, of ALL our videos!!!
Click here to know everything about MEMBERSHIPS.
However if you donít want to become our Member, you can buy our videos individually.

Whatís the price of your videos?
The price depends on the duration of the video: the longer it is, the more expensive it is. Just as an example, a video of 20 minutes costs $19.99.

Do you make sales of your videos?
Yes we do. There are always lots of videos on sale each day. Click here to see whatís on sale today.

In which currency are your videos priced?
All prices in our site are on American Dollars, represented by the symbol $ or the letters USD.

How many times can I see each video after downloading and saving it into my hard drive?
After downloading and saving a video into your hard drive, the video is yours forever, without absolutely any time limitation. You can see it as many times as you want to.

Do you reveal the winner and loser of your videos?
In some cases we do, in others we donít. On both cases it is made intentionally and for commercial reasons. Therefore please donít ask us the winner of a certain match if we didnít reveal it on the text and/or photos and/or Trailer, because weíll not reply to that question.

Iím looking for an old video but I canít find it. Why?
If you canít find an old video on our catalogue, itís because it was already removed for good. We did that for one of two reasons: technical (that video was too old and had low image quality) or commercial (that video was too old and no longer sells anything).
After a video is removed, we simply canít bring it back. Why havenít you bought or download FOR FREE as our Member that video during all those years on which it was available?
To avoid the same type of problem in the future, we strongly suggest that you buy now or download FOR FREE as our Member the videos that are available now because, somewhere in the future, many of them will be removed for good too!

Do shoot Custom videos and accept sponsorships for your regular matches?
Yes to both. Since the concept of custom videos and sponsors is not the same in all producers, let us tell you which is our concept:
A custom video is something done for the eyes only of the customer who orders it. Therefore it will NOT be posted on our site and it can even contain action that we do NOT produce on our regular videos. Since itís produced exclusively to the customer who orders it, it means that the customer has to pay all costs involved on the production of the custom video and we also have to include a little profit for us.
A sponsor video is different: itís something done not only for the customer who orders it but also will be posted on the site at a later date. The advantage for the customer who sponsors is that he gets to chose which girls he want from those already invited to a filming session, he gets to receive the match shortly after itís done, etc. Another advantage is that it is considerably less expensive than a custom video.
If youíre interested, please contact us for more details.

If there's anything else that you want to know and that you didn't saw answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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