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These are the latest matches that we filmed. Be the first one to see them, still unedited!

This page was last updated on Apr 18th, with match REF1902 - SKYE BLUE vs. TILLY MCREESE - MP4 720*480

REF1902 - SKYE BLUE vs. TILLY MCREESE - MP4 720*480 - 16 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1902 REF1902
Skye Blue (U.S.A.)
Tilly McReese (U.S.A.)
If you get turned on by seeing one hot woman in full control of her sexy opponent, applying holds and caressing each other in a way that both women get aroused, this one is will take you to heaven and back!

REF1915 - JENNA vs. VIPER - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1915 REF1915
Jenna (UK)
Viper (UK)
Jenna, a seasoned female wrestler, meets Viper, one of the rising stars. Held in front of an audience of female wrestlers and filmed by another female wrestler, this is a true collector’s item!

REF1911 - FIRE vs. LOUISE KAY - MP4 720*480 - 22 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1911 REF1911
Fire (Poland)
Louise Kay (UK)
Yes, some women get really horny by face-sitting women even more if other women are seeing it! In this face-sitting match Fire and Louise were so aroused that they continued the post-match penalty in private!

REF1922 - ASMA vs. JOCELYN - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1922 REF1922
Asma (U.S.A.)
Jocelyn (U.S.A.)
Most of our 100% real competitive matches feature top notch wrestlers. This one is different: it features two girls next door who wanted to see who’s the better woman. It’s worthwhile seeing!

REF1929 - BABY vs. INFERNO - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1929 REF1929
Baby (UK)
Inferno (UK)
A mat veteran mercilessly shows a lovely rookie her place on the food chain, in front of a female audience!

REF1906 - MEGAN JONES vs. SCORPION - MP4 720*480 - 17 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1906 REF1906
Megan Jones (U.S.A.)
Scorpion (UK)
Scorpion is one of our most skilled wrestlers. American Megan Jones is fully aware of how good the British is, so she challenged her to a handicap match. Scorpion promptly accepted the defy!

REF1921 - AMBER RED vs. STELLA - MP4 720*480 - 17 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1921 REF1921
Amber Red (U.S.A.)
Stella (U.S.A.)
Most of the times we film with highly skilled wrestlers. Sometimes we film with newcomers, most of them models, very pretty and attractive, who want to know what is like to fight another woman!

REF1897 - DELTA SWITCH vs. SARAH BROOKE - MP4 720*480 - 18 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1897 REF1897
Delta Switch (U.S.A.)
Sarah Brooke (U.S.A.)
When a submissive, open-minded rookie, wants to spend some quality time with a seasoned, dominant wrestler, you know you’ll be treated with something special! Enjoy it as much as they did!

REF1916 - JENNA vs. KAT - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1916 REF1916
Jenna (UK)
Kat (UK)
Jenna is powerful, experienced and skilled. Kat is even more powerful but is relatively new to wrestling. She knows she has to defeat these big guns to make a name for herself! Was she successful?

REF1899 - REGAN vs. WENONA - MP4 720*480 - 22 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1899 REF1899
Regan (U.S.A.)
Wenona (U.S.A.)
Those who have been following our recent work, already know that Regan is a hell of a competitive fighter. Here she has her first test against a top-notch wrestler: Wenona. Who prevailed?

REF1913 - LOUISE KAY vs. VIPER - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1913 REF1913
Louise Kay (UK)
Viper (UK)
These two sexy ladies engaged themselves, fully naked, in a smothers-only stimulating brawl. In the end one of them bended the rules and forced her opponent to pass-out!

REF1901 - MISTY LOVELACE vs. SKYE BLUE - MP4 720*480 - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1901 REF1901
Misty Lovelace (U.S.A.)
Skye Blue (U.S.A.)
It’s common knowledge that Misty’s scissors are devastating! However, Skye gladly took this challenge, confident that she was going to make the beautiful brunette suffer within her long legs!

REF1909 - FIRE vs. JENNA - MP4 720*480 - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1909 REF1909
Fire (Poland)
Jenna (UK)
Fire and Jenna’s legs are crushing weapons! In this exhilarating match, you’ll be treated with lots of fantastic headsicssors, including several in very unusual and acrobatic positions!

REF1896 - SAMANTHA GRACE vs. SARAH BROOKE - MP4 720*480 - 18 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1896 REF1896
Smantha Grace (U.S.A.)
Sarah Brooke (U.S.A.)
Although taller and heavier than Sarah, Samantha recognize that the spirited lightweight is much better wrestler than she is, so she challenged her to a handicap match. Find out what happened!

REF1895 - LIZ vs. SARAH BROOKE - MP4 720*480 - 16 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1895 REF1895
Liz (U.S.A.)
Sarah Brooke (U.S.A.)
Almost 20 years separate Liz and Sarah, but it certainly doesn’t look that way! Both extremely fit and competitive, they were eager for this generational battle to find out who’s the better woman!

REF1894 - KRISTIE vs. SAHARRA HUXLY - MP4 720*480 - 18 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1894 REF1894
Kristie (U.S.A.)
Saharra Huxly (U.S.A.)
Powerhouse Kristie, one of the living legends of our sport, resumes wrestling for us facing one of the strongest USA wrestlers ever: the mighty Saharra Huxly! This brutal match ends with one wrestler KO!

REF1903 - ASHLEY RIDER vs. JENNA - MP4 720*480 - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1903 REF1903
Ashley Rider (UK)
Jenna (UK)
Sitting on the ring, they engaged in a hot conversation about their perfectly pedicured feet and soon they took matters on hands or better saying on feet! You’ll love this one, even if you’re not a foot fetishist!

REF1893 - SUMMER MONROE vs. TILLY MCREESE - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1893 REF1893
Summer Monroe (U.S.A.)
Tilly McReese (U.S.A.)
On paper this match had everything to be even. However, wrestling is full of surprises and blonde Summer gave Tilly a harsh beating, forcing the beautiful brunette to cry uncle time and time again!

REF1898 - TRACY vs. WENONA - MP4 720*480 - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1898 REF1898
Tracy (U.S.A.)
Wenona (U.S.A.)
Tall, beautiful Tracy (who ended up with a glowing red butt!) painfully found out that Wenona’s erotic method of disciplining her female opponents is much harsher than it looked in the beginning!

REF1905 - ASHLEY RIDER vs. LISA KING - MP4 720*480 - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1905 REF1905
Ashley Rider (UK)
Lisa King (UK)
In the past Lisa did pro-am matches for us, but never in her natural habitat: a ring! Most women without pro-wrestling skills would have back away from this match, but Ashley was eager for it!

REF1887 - CHRISTINE DUPREE vs. MISTRESS KARA - MP4 720*480 - 17 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1887 REF1887
Christine Dupree (U.S.A.)
Mistress Kara (U.S.A.)
All our “mother/daughter” matches are special and highly appreciated. This one, between a superstar from the past and a superstar from the present are even more special! You must see this collector’s item!

REF1888 - ASTRID STAR vs. JENEVIEVE HEXX - MP4 720*480 - 18 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1888 REF1888
Astrid Star (U.S.A.)
Jenevieve Hexx (U.S.A.)
Besides filming with many of the top-notch wrestlers from all over the world, from time to time we also film with absolute beginners. We hope you’ll enjoy these contrasting, uninhibited rookies!

REF1882 - AVA NYX vs. KELLY R - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1882 REF1882
Ava Nyx (U.S.A.)
Kelly R (U.S.A.)
This is a match filled with very long headscissors, featuring young, relative beginners. You’ll love to find out which one can keep the hold for a longer period and which one can take more pain!

REF1881 - ANYA vs. CINDY - MP4 720*480 - 22 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1881 REF1881
Anya (U.S.A.)
Cindy (U.S.A.)
Many think that women are only involved in wrestling because of the money. The behavior of the third wrestler on the mats during this domination video, clearly tells a different story!

REF1880 - AMANDA vs. MISTY LOVELACE - MP4 720*480 - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1880 REF1880
Amanda (U.S.A.)
Misty Lovelace (U.S.A.)
Amanda is big, strong and gets a kick-out of dominating females. Poor Misty was forced to find out what Amanda’s big, natural boobs, massive legs and huge derriere can do to a weaker woman!

REF1865 - GIA LOVE vs. OLGA CABAEVA - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1865 REF1865
Gia Love (U.S.A.)
Olga Cabaeva (Spain)
Gia and Olga have perfect butts...and know how to use them! Seeing them face-sitting each other is heaven on earth! The action is so hot that even the women in the audience got aroused!

REF1862 - GIA LOVE vs. MCKENZIE - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1862 REF1862
Gia Love (U.S.A.)
Mckenzie (UK)
Both ladies, wearing ultra-sexy thongs, started this headscissors match by comparing their legs. McKenzie, taller and heavier, has the physical advantage but Gia is more experienced. Who won?

REF1847 - ATHENA vs. KRUSHA - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1847 REF1847
Athena (UK)
Krusha (UK)
Strangles matches are not for everyone: they require a special breed of wrestlers to perform them and connoisseurs to fully enjoy them! If you’re the “average Joe”, you’d better skip this one. If you’re an expert…

REF1839 - AVA AUSTEN vs. HOLLY - MP4 720*480 - 18 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1839 REF1839
Ava Austen (UK)
Holly (UK)
This is Ava Austen’s first face-sitting match, but no one will believe it after seeing her performance! She’s damn good and her face-sitting with legs fully open is hot as hot can be! It will drive you nuts!

REF1826 - AXA JAY vs. LEONA vs. LISA KING - MP4 720*480 - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1826 REF1826
Axa Jay (UK)
Leona (UK)
Lisa King (UK)
Those who have been with us since we started back in 1998, certainly know that we’re all about creativity and innovation. This type of match, that we call “The Punisher”, screams APL all over!

REF1796 - GALYA vs. JADE - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1796 REF1796
Galya (Bulgaria)
Jade (UK)
Jade and Galya have perfect feet! By now you can be thinking: OK, many women do. We agree with you, but the difference is that very few women can do what Jade and Galya do with their pretty feet!

REF1793 - GABI vs. GALYA - MP4 720*480 - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1793 REF1793
Gabi (Bulgaria)
Galya (Bulgaria)
Gabi and Galya are the perfect wrestlers for any fan who’s into skilled action. You’ll adore the perfectly applied holds that lead to the 14 submissions contained in this bout!

REF1791 - GABI vs. KAYSHA - MP4 720*480 - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1791 REF1791
Gabi (Bulgaria)
Kaysha (U.S.A.)
Gabi and Kaysha are a dream come true for those who treasure quality wrestling above anything else. You’ll get a kick out of every single one of the 15 submissions featured on this match!

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