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This page was last updated on Jan 22nd, with match REF1795 - DIANA vs. JADE - Two striking ladies in a very exciting match!

REF1795 - DIANA vs. JADE - Two striking ladies in a very exciting match! - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1795 REF1795
Diana (Czech Republic)
Jade (England)
We strongly recommend that you this fabulous match to find out for yourself why the rules that we use on this type of match, makes our Schoolgirl pin videos so treasured by fans!

REF1770 - JUSTICE vs. LAKEN - Schoolgirl pins can be really exciting! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1770 REF1770
Justice (England)
Laken (England)
Some prefer Schoolgirl pins over face-sitting pins for one main reason: on sgpins the lady who is being pinned, is forced to look into the other’s eyes. That is a big turn on to the viewers…and to the woman on top!

REF1797 - JADE vs. KAYSHA - Strangles, one of the most feared holds! - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1797 REF1797
Jade (England)
Kaysha (U.S.A.)
Kaysha, due to her intense grappling training, is an expert in using strangle. Jade doesn’t have her grappling skills, but is not strange to strangles! Find out now who prevailed!

REF1774 - AXA JAY vs. NEXUS - This one fits them like a glove! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1774 REF1774
Axa Jay (England)
Nexus (England)
Both Axa Jay and Nexus are equally matched on the looks and sexy departments. However Axa is far more skilled. That’s exactly why a match focused on erotic domination was the perfect choice here!

REF1759 - JOLENE HEXX vs. OLIVIA ROSE - The favorite had to work much harder than expected! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1759 REF1759
Jolene Hexx (U.S.A.)
Olivia Rose (U.S.A.)
Starting fully dressed, they aggressively removed each other’s clothes during this catfight that was much more even than one could anticipate and was only decided on the very last minute!

REF1784 - SARAH BROOKE vs. SHERRY STUNNS - A very aggressive catfight! - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1784 REF1784
Sarah Brooke (U.S.A.)
Sherry Stunns (U.S.A.)
Sarah Brooke and Sherry Stunns are two well-known USA catfighters. They went at each other with all they got and this includes ripping of clothes! A must for all catfight lovers!

REF1765 - ANASTAXIA vs. JUSTICE - A blessing for all headscissors fans! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1765 REF1765
Anastaxia (England)
Justice (England)
The variety of scissors, the contrast between the attacker’s joy and the defender’s anguish, the determination to keep increasing the pressure and the stubbornness to keep resisting, makes this a mega hot headscissors match!

REF1776 - CHLOE DAVIS vs. NEXUS - You’ll certainly get a kick-out of this one! - 16 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1776 REF1776
Chloe Davis (England)
Nexus (England)
Chloe Davis is much bigger than Nexus, who is clearly the underdog here. However, in a previous bondage wrestling match on which she was also the underdog, Nexus caused a major surprise!

REF1763 - DRAGON LILY vs. OLIVIA ROSE - A hot combination of strip tease and wrestling! - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1763 REF1763
Dragon Lily (U.S.A.)
Olivia Rose (U.S.A.)
After each submission, the winner gets to remove one piece of her opponent’s attire, at her choice. The loser is the first one who gets fully naked. Sounds exciting? Not only sounds but it is!

REF1764 - JOLENE HEXX vs. MISS AUSTIN - Losing a fall means losing one piece of attire! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1764 REF1764
Jolene Hexx (U.S.A.)
Miss Austin (U.S.A.)
Losing a fall is a bummer to any female wrestler, right? In this match things get even worst for the loser of each fall: each time one submits, she has one piece of attire removed by her opponent!

REF1775 - NICOLA KISS vs. THUNDER- Smothers is the name of the game! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1775 REF1775
Nicola Kiss (England)
Thunder (England)
Nicola Kiss and Thunder are very well equipped for a smothers match. Their breasts, their derrieres, their bellies, their hands, their feet and even their armpits were profusely used in this breathtaking match!

REF1772 - LUNA vs. SCORPION - Two great grapplers go at it for real! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1772 REF1772
Laken (England)
Scorpion (England)
Luna and Scorpion are two highly skilled fighters. They actually train in real combat sports, like for instance BJJ. This match is a blessing for lovers of 100% real, intense, skilled competitive matches!

REF1748 - AXA JAY vs. NEXUS - She’s only happy when she’s on top! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1748 REF1748
Axa Jay (England)
Nexus (England)
Those who know Axa, either by seeing her wrestle or by wrestling with her, know exactly how much pleasure this lovely woman gets from being on top, face-sitting her unfortunate (really?) opponent!

REF1768 - JUSTICE vs. SCORPION - A match made by experts to experts! - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1768 REF1768
Justice (England)
Scorpion (England)
Justice and Scorpion are very experienced and skilled. They are perfect for matches like this, focused on the use of a wide variety of strangles, one of the most feared and effective wrestling holds!

REF1742 - HOLLY vs. THUNDER - Our bondage wrestling matches are here to stay! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1742 REF1742
Holly (England)
Thunder (England)
We recently started to produce bondage wrestling matches and the reaction has been so positive that we are increasing the respective production. This new one has all you can expect and then some!

REF1762 - GOLDIE vs. MISS AUSTIN - A smothers festival that will leave you breathless! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1762 REF1762
Goldie (England)
Miss Austin (U.S.A.)
These two proud, self-confident women have the weapons and the skills to do a hell of a smothers match and they proved it here! Whatever type of smothers you like…you’ll see it here!

REF1754 - INFERNO vs. LUCRECIA ADIRA - A heavyweight wrestler who knows how to face-sit! - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1754 REF1754
Inferno (England)
Lucrecia Adira (Czech Republic)
There are very few wrestlers like Lucrecia Adira in the industry. Being the producer who has the widest variety of wrestlers, we had to add her to our roster. Producing a face-sitting video with her was an obvious choice!

REF1751 - JADE vs. SCORPION - An unexpectedly extremely one-sided match! - 22 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1751 REF1751
Jade (England)
Scorpion (England)
When we decided to pair Jade and Scorpion, we had absolutely no idea that Jade was in for one of the biggest beatings of her career! We totally get if some Jade’s fans prefer not to watch this one!

REF1750 - INFERNO vs. LISA KING - A good old fashioned catfight! - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1750 REF1750
Inferno (England)
Lisa King (England)
For many wrestling fans, the first contact with this exciting world of female fighting was made when they accidently saw a catfight. It’s always good to relive those sweet memories!

REF1785 - SARAH BROOKE vs. SCORPION - Catfighter meets Wrestler/Grappler…in a catfight! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1785 REF1785
Sarah Brooke (U.S.A.)
Scorpion (England)
Sarah Brooke is an experienced catfighter. Scorpion is an experienced wrestler and grappler. In a regular wrestling match, Sarah would have no chances, but in a catfight like this she’s really dangerous!

REF1753 - INFERNO vs. SCORPION - With attire like this, headscissors matches are even more exciting! - 22 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1753 REF1753
Inferno (England)
Scorpion (England)
Some love headscissors matches because of the holds themselves. Others love them because they’re leg persons. Both will love this match, filled with great holds on which the girls used a very sexy attire!

REF1735 - ANGEL LONG vs. HOLLY - This is why so many love our oil wrestling videos! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1735 REF1735
Angel Long (England)
Holly (England)
This match has the sexiest beginning we ever witnessed in any oil wrestling match! With a start like this, we knew we were going to be treated with a hell of a match, and buy we surely weren’t wrong!

REF1740 - GINA JAMESON vs. VELLOCET - A must have for lovers of topless face-sitting matches! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1740 REF1740
Gina Jameson (England)
Vellocet (England)
Some customers continue to prefer face-sitting videos on which the wrestlers use any kind of bottom, instead of being fully naked. If you’re one of those, this one is heaven on earth to you!

REF1737 - ANGEL LONG vs. THUNDER - Another headscissors match that will drive you nuts! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1737 REF1737
Angel Long (England)
Thunder (England)
Angel and Thunder are tall women, with long, strong legs. After seeing this exciting, even match you’ll certainly agree with us: these Amazons of the modern days were made for headscissors matches!

REF1739 - GINA JAMESON vs. THUNDER - A fantastic combination of feet and wrestling! - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1739 REF1739
Gina Jameson (England)
Thunder (England)
Many wrestling fans have a foot fetish. Some of them developed it by watching our unique feet videos, focused on the use of feet to apply wrestling holds. This video is one of our best creations!

REF1730 - JADE vs. NEXUS - It’s been a long time since the last video of this type! - 22 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1730 REF1730
Jade (England)
Nexus (England)
To some fans, SGpins are more exciting than face-sitting pins, because the lady who is being pinned, enslaved and dominated, is forced to look into the other’s eyes. See this one and decide for yourself!

REF1732 - LISA KING vs. LOUISE KAY - Is this the type of match she does better? - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1732 REF1732
Lisa King (England)
Louise Kay (England)
Seeing Lisa King use her pro wrestling skills in a topless submission wrestling match is beyond amazing! Although being much bigger and heavier, Louise Kay didn’t stand a chance and took a lot of pain!

REF1728 - JADE vs. LISA KING - A match with a huge surprise in the beginning! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1728 REF1728
Jade (England)
Lisa King (England)
These are the 2 most cherished UK wrestlers. They wrestled before and the match was amazing. Now they meet again and what the loser endured here makes her eagerly wait for a new encounter!

REF1734 - LISA KING vs. NICOLA KISS - Topless face-sitting for a change! - 20 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1734 REF1734
Lisa King (England)
Nicola Kiss (England)
Lately we’ve been producing a lot of nude face-sitting matches. However we know that some prefer to see face-sitting on which the wrestlers wear attractive thongs, so this one is for them!

REF1724 - ANASTASIA LUX vs. JADE - It’s always exciting seeing the underdog dominate! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1724 REF1724
Anastasia Lux (Portugal)
Jade (England)
When she was told she was going to face experienced and skilled Jade, Anastasia’s initial reaction was: I’m toasted! After giving it some more thought, she believed that she had a chance…and grabbed it!

REF1713 - HOLLY vs. POISON - A handicap match with 2 very contrasting women! - 21 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1713 REF1713
Holly (England)
Poison (England)
Poison is so much stronger than Holly that she accepted that the MILF starts each fall already applying a hold at her choice on her. Even so the muscular brunette gave Holly a hell of a beating!

REF1723 - AMBER WEST vs. LISA KING - A superstar “in the zone”! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1723 REF1723
Amber West (England)
Lisa King (England)
After meeting Jade on her APL debut, Amber returns to our mats to face another of our superstars. Despite being allowed to start each fall in an advantageous position, Amber took a hell of a beating!

REF1712 - HOLLY vs. JADE - Two hotties engaged in a strip wrestling match! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1712 REF1712
Holly (England)
Jade (England)
Striptease is hot. So is female wrestling. This match, featuring two of our sexier wrestlers, combines wrestling and stripteasing. It’s an explosive recipe that will definitively turn you on!

REF1714 - HOLLY vs. PUSSY WILLOW - Our very first bondage wrestling match! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1714 REF1714
Holly (England)
Pussy Willow (England)
Aggressive Pussy Willow did some bondage wrestling before and loved it. MILF Holly has a lot of matches under her belt, but has never done this particular type until now. We’re not sure if she’ll want to do it again!

REF1706 - AXA JAY vs. CARISSA MONTGOMERY - At long last they fought each other! - 19 minutes - $ 14.99
REF1706 REF1706
Axa Jay (England)
Carissa Montgomery (U.S.A.)
When UK wrestler Axa visited America a while ago, USA wrestler Carissa wasn’t available. Then Carissa visited UK, but Axa wasn’t available. Now Axa returned to USA and the third time was the charm!

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